Photograph of illustrator Jui Talukder and artist Farhana Hossain, aka Dewmanna with her puppy dog, maltipoo Whisky

Jui Talukder, (formerly known as Farhana Hossain) grew up in Singapore, drawing and dreaming about becoming an illustrator. After graduating from architecture school and working for a year as an architectural designer, Jui moved to New York to escape the tropical humidity (a decision she only lamented during her first ever snowstorm) to pursue animation.


She is now drawing every day in her studio in the woods in Connecticut on a chair in front of her cintiq where she finally gets to enjoy some greenery. Besides eating sandwiches with her dog, Whisky, Jui also works as an illustrator represented by IllustrationX and is the art director of Homunculus Studios.

Jui has worked for clients including Fannie Mae, Nickelodeon, The Hollywood Reporter, Sprite, KSHMR, Sony BMG Asia, Bonnier Books UK and Best Buy.


"Jui is very professional in attitude and in creativity - she is a genius in color and design!"

          - Bill Plympton